Our Guide Includes the Four CMS Elements

Emergency Plan

Bio-Defense Network can work with you to create a new plan or review and improve your current one.

Communication Plan

Your communication plan needs to be sophisticated and cover both internal and external communications. Bio-Defense Network can guide you through creating the plan.

Policies & Procedures

Bio-Defense Network can help create or review your current policies & procedures and help you improve them.

Training and Testing Program

A rigorous training and testing Program that extends beyond basic fire drills is required. We can help design, plan and execute those tests with you!


Helping Communities Be Prepared

For More than 10 Years

Bio-Defense Network is a national leader in public health preparedness, specializing in recruiting employer hosts for Closed Points of Dispensing, volunteer recruitment and planning for Community Reception Centers for radiological response and volunteer reception centers for other responses to other public health disasters. That same dedicated passion for disaster preparation, blended with our business continuity expertise positions the company to support healthcare providers comply with the CMS emergency preparedness rule to plan for their institutions.

Let us help you be ready!