Jan 2019

Did the “Spanish Flu” Infect President Wilson and Change the Course of History?

A fascinating article in “The Conversation” posits that President Woodrow Wilson fell ill with the Spanish Flu when he was in France negotiating the peace to end World War One, and that he never fully recovered.

“Wilson wasn’t the same man. He tired easily and quickly lost focus and patience. He seemed paranoid, worried about being spied upon by housemaids,” the authors write. “He achieved  some of his specific goals but was unable or unwilling to articulate a broader vision for a better world.”

Which they say, led to the emergence of Adolph Hitler, and World War Two.

Amazing!  We know the 1918 flu was an historical pandemic, but could it be at least partly responsible for a major war two decades later?  And what can we learn from that?

Read the whole article here



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