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Dec 2019

The Challenges of Protecting Patient Data with Telemedicine

James Wantuck with reports that as more appointments and medical records move online the number of data breaches rises. How can digital healthcare improve security?

Digital healthcare uses technology that allows you to speak with a health care provider remotely, access test results online and receive ongoing care via in-home monitoring devices. The telemedicine market is expected to make close to $130 billion by 2025. This exponential growth is due to an increased demand for flexible and affordable healthcare, the increased use of smartphones and newly well-developed digital healthcare communication systems. 

Telemedicine has been found to surpass patient expectations when compared to traditional office visits and will continue to grow as more employers start to offer digital health care to their employees, and government programs along with private insurers extend medical coverage to online appointments. 

And the benefits of telemedicine are not limited to traditional healthcare; it is incredibly useful for everything from public health to pharmacy and dentistry.  So, we all need to be aware of the inherent dangers of the increased reliance upon electronic data.

How is your data protected?  Is your staff well-trained to avoid phishing attacks?  We’re guess they are not, and we know they should be.  Phishing and is more focused approach, spearphishing, are the main causes for unauthorized access to sensitive data.  One mistake, and a hacker can gain access to your records!

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