Every community is different, and the Bio-Defense Network approach varies slightly, depending upon the community and its needs. However, there are some general steps we take when we are engaged to help a local public health department expand its existing Closed POD network:

We will promptly convene a meeting with our client’s primary point of contact to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the community’s needs and the overall goals for the project.

In this meeting we will confirm:

  • Any Closed PODs that already exist in the community
  • Any efforts with potential hosts that already are under way
  • Overall guidelines for the expanded network, including:
  • Minimum number of employees for a Closed POD
  • Any special types of employers we should focus on, such as long-term care facilities, critical infrastructure, government
  • Applicable local or state laws and  regulations
  • Whether an existing Memo of Understanding has been created
  • Identify any specific ‘influencers’ we should work with
  1. Begin the effort:

    • List potential network members, base the number of employees/enrollees
    • Establish a kick-off date and location to introduce the concept to the employer community
    • Identify existing professional groups we should approach (this will include business continuity, human resource and other professional organizations) and begin work to make presentations at those groups’ meetings
    • Working with the client’s existing public information officer staff, consider seeking media coverage of the Bio-Defense Network campaign
  2. Build on the effort:

    • Reach out to prioritized list of potential hosts and schedule meetings with appropriate staff there. (In general, we will attempt to set initial meetings with business continuity, human resource and company security staff.)
    • Work with potential Closed POD hosts to introduce the program to upper management and obtain signoff.
    • Deliver executed MOUs to the local public health department.
    • (Depending upon the approved scope of work, Bio-Defense Network may arrange for, or conduct training sessions for Closed POD hosts, provide on-going counsel on such matters as distribution and exercise plans, delivery of supplies, etc.)
  3. Deliver Results:

    • We always set a goal for enrollment, and then we shoot to exceed the goal. We believe that vibrant networks of Closed PODs will save lives, delivering life-saving medications when they’re needed most.  The more enrollees we can secure, the easier it will be for local public health departments to provide medications to the general populace through Open PODs.

Pay for Performance

Bio-Defense Network believes in the simple idea of “Pay for Performance.” That means low risk for our local public health department partners; when we commit to expanding Closed POD networks to cover a certain number of residents, we invoice a modest amount to cover initial costs, but after that, invoices are submitted only when milestones are met. If we don’t meet our goal, our partners don’t pay.