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Closed POD Planning, Training & Host Recruitment

We are experts in all aspects of Closed Points of Dispensing, from helping local public health departments to improve their planning and training, and especially recruiting additional hosts.  All of our team members are have been trained in dispensing medication in a Closed POD, and have been involved in the design of programs in several states.


Volunteer Recruitment, Training & Management

Bio-Defense Network knows how to support local public health departments in their efforts to identify and recruit volunteers who will be needed to deal with emergencies.   A major element of recruiting volunteers is assuring they remain engaged and that their training remains current.  Bio-Defense Network can help local departments to be certain they keep those volunteers they have recruited and trained.


Development of Volunteer Reception Centers

When volunteers are needed in time of disaster, it is crucial there is a well-designed system to quickly and efficiently process, train and assign them to a venue where they are needed.  A Volunteer Reception Center is crucial to processing both pre-registered and spontaneous volunteers.  We wrote the plan for Maricopa County, the nation’s third largest public health department, and we can help other departments with their plans.


Planning & Conducting Community Public Health-Related Events

Involving the community assures local health departments keep the “Public” in “Public Health,” and Bio-Defense Network supports that by helping design and execute citizen involvement programs of all types.


Advanced Emergency Preparedness Exercises

Bio-Defense Network team members are master exercise practitioners and subject matter experts in homeland security, emergency management and continuity of operations.   We are qualified planners for Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Programs (HSEEP), the National Response Framework (NRF), National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command Structure (ICS).


Pandemic Planning

The principles of Bio-Defense Network were co-founders in 2006 of PandemicPrep.Org, and continue to serve the group as executive officers.  The non-profit organization conducts regular conferences dealing with all aspects of pandemic planning in the St. Louis region, and Bio-Defense Network is prepared to replicate the program in other communities.

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