These trainings are intended to be delivered to a community or jurisdiction but can be tailored to a regional approach, if preferred. A full day of training is 15 units, which includes morning and afternoon breaks as well as a break for lunch.

Choose from the following topics: Public Health | Ebola | Bioterrorism | Pandemic and Flu

Public Health

  • Crisis Communications During Health Emergencies
    • Intro Level (3 units)
    • Advanced Level (+5 units)
  • Crisis Communications for Leaders (2 units)
  • Busting Vaccine Myths (2 units)
  • Social Media for Public Health (2 units)
  • Infectious Disease and Bioterrorism Update (2 units)
  • State of Public Health Preparedness (2 units)


  • Dealing with Disruptive Patients (3 units) Exercise (+2 units)
  • Isolation and Quarantine Plans and Testing  (4 units)
  • Crisis Communications: Lessons from Ebola (1 units)
  • Managing PPE Inventory (1 units)
  • Ebola Waste Management (1 units)
  • Ebola: Its History and Where We Are Today (2 units)
  • SUMMIT: Ebola, Public Health, Hospitals and First Responders Working Together (8 units)


  • Medical Countermeasure Dispensing
    • Reaching Rural Populations (1 units)
    • Reaching Vulnerable Populations (1 units)
  • Strategic National Stockpile Overview (1 units)
  • Customized Training for POD Managers & Dispensers (6 units)
  • Point of Dispensing Tabletop Simulation (3 or 5 units)

Pandemic and Flu

  • Community-level Epidemic Planning (incl. Ebola) (3 units)
  • Business Preparedness for a Severe Pandemic (2 units)
  • Telecommuting During a Health Emergency (2 units)
  • Personal Preparedness for Pandemics & Other Communicable Diseases (1 units)

If you do not see a subject that you are looking for, please contact us and we would be happy to develop custom content for you on another topic.

To discuss your customized training program, please contact Karen Watts at Bio-Defense Network at or directly at (314) 922-6244.