PandemicPrep.Org has been a leader in the field of educating the community about pandemic and bioterrorism preparedness since its first quarterly meeting in September 2006.  More than 1,000 participants have attended one or more of the 25 quarterly conferences held by PandemicPrep.Org over the last 7 years.  These conference are always free and open to the public.  Attendees come from all facets of the community – business, government, healthcare, education, faith-based and charitable, and of course, public health.

The website above has many resources that will help organizations to plan for a pandemic.  There are useful checklists, templates, and presentations that are all free and available for the public.  Dolgin and Reddick have given many of the presentations that can be found at the website, and have attended most of the 25 conferences that the organization has hosted.