Bio-Defense Network is recruiting a cadre of qualified medical personnel, nursing and public health students and graduates who have been trained in contact tracing and are eager to support those efforts.

These students and graduates will reach out to contacts on jurisdictions’ behalf.  They will conduct comprehensive telephone interviews, following specific department guidelines using data collection tools to catalogue and provide the results of their surveys to the jurisdictions on a daily basis. 

The company is working with a St. Louis medical solutions company to use an on-line tool to allow contact tracers to collect medical information from subjects who have been exposed and provide that information in real time to the jurisdiction.  The tool also allows for automated follow-up on succeeding days.

For departments already using a data collection tool, Bio-Defense Network will use that tool.

Members of the company’s contact tracing team will help those they call to:

  • Understand their risk of illness
  • Understand information on self-quarantine  
  • Monitor themselves for illness and
  • Minimize the possibility that they could spread the infection to others.
  • (And if requested by the jurisdiction) Obtain a list of people with whom they have had close contact, and enter them into the jurisdiction’s system.

Interested in building a contact tracing team?

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