We have a trained, background-checked team ready for you.

Bio-Defense Network is expanding its case investigations / contact tracing service to include work for sexually transmitted infections. The idea is simple, we provide highly qualified, well-trained, and motivated case investigators / contact tracers who work on an hourly basis to conduct outreach to newly diagnosed STI patients and contacts on behalf of local public health departments.

Our staffers are experienced case investigators / contact tracers who have been background-checked and have completed an STI curriculum focusing on the three main infections, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. New cases are provided to us, and we assign them to our remote team, who call the new cases, and help those they call to:

  • Understand the steps they need to take to halt the spread
  • Record the name and contact information of sexual partners who may have either shared the infection or have been exposed to it.

Using hourly case investigators / contact tracers allows health departments to make better use of their full-time staff, saves money, and allows them to act quickly to address STIs.

Interested in building a contact tracing team?

We offer free half-hour consultations with any local public health department that wants to learn more about our case investigations and contact tracing service.

Get the Advantages of a Remote Team

If you need case investigation/ contact tracing, why not hire Bio-Defense Network? Below are all the reasons to bring on our expert case investigators / contact tracers.

Get the Team

We Handle Hiring
Stop sifting through numerous resumes and performing interviews.

We Vet the Team
We perform background checks on all our staff.

We Handle Training
We require rigorous training, so you get quality performers.

Waiting List
We have a waiting list of very qualified medical and public health applicants available to fill any vacancy.

Bilingual Options
We have bilingual staff available to help every community.

Stay in Budget

Only Pay Hourly
Contact Tracing is a very reasonable $25 per hour, with discounts for higher volumes.

No Additional Costs
You only get charged for actual time spent working cases. No downtime is charged to your account. No costs for benefits, management, etc.

Set Maximum Hours
You set the maximum number of hours in the contract, and we’ll make sure we don’t exceed it.

Quick to Start
After the contract is signed, we will immediately start to understand your system, how data is collected, and begin a few days later.

Have Peace of Mind

No More Disruptions
Your staff gets to go back to doing what they were hired to do. No more disruption to your business-as-usual tasks.

7 Days a Week
We can provide services 7 days a week unlike a direct employee who is only available 40 hours a week.

Flexible & Scalable
As the environment changes, we can scale up or down to meet your needs instantly.

Quality Assurance
Every case goes through QA before it is returned. This is how we make sure the data is complete and collected the way it should be.