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Oct 2014

Bio-Defense Network, Your Sole Source for Closed POD Host Recruitment

Bio-Defense Network is justifiably proud of the work it has done in Missouri, Texas, California and New York State to support local public health departments in their efforts to build or expand networks of Closed Points of Dispensing, and no other company in the nation is doing that.

That’s why all of our public health partners since 2012 have been successful in streamlining the contract process by acknowledging Bio-Defense Network is the sole source contractor for recruitment of Closed POD hosts.

It means an agency can cut the time and money it must spend to develop a Request for Proposals, post it or send it out, then review responses and make a decision and award a contract.  Instead, by recognizing that Bio-Defense Network is the only firm offering the service, public health planners can move directly to creating a scope of work and negotiating milestones.

And it means projects can get off the ground much more quickly and can be accomplished much more efficiently.

Bio-Defense Network has been in existence since 2011, and has built or expanded successful Closed POD programs in St. Louis County and the City of Independence, Mo., Dallas County, Texas, Oswego County, N.Y. and Butte County, Cal.  The company has also worked in Maricopa County, Ariz, and Austin-Travis County, Texas to improve programs there.  Only the first contract with St. Louis County required a bidding process; each of the others, and follow-on work in St. Louis and Dallas counties were sole source projects.  And each was successful, significantly exceeding our goals.

Contact Bio-Defense Network at or to learn more about how you can sole source your next Closed POD recruitment program.

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