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Mar 2020

‘Chilling’ Plans: Who Gets Care as Washington State Hospitals Fill Up?

Karen Weise and Mike Baker of the New York Times report that fearing a critical shortage of lifesaving resources as the coronavirus spreads, Washington State is engaged in grim discussions to determine which dying patients would get priority.

Medical leaders in the state, which has the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the country, have quietly begun preparing a bleak triage strategy to determine which patients may have to be denied complete medical care in the event that the health system becomes overwhelmed by the coronavirus in the coming weeks.

Read the full story here: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/20/us/coronavirus-ration-hospitals-seattle-washington.html

Fearing a critical shortage of supplies, including the ventilators needed to help the most seriously ill patients breathe, state officials and hospital leaders held a conference call on Wednesday night to discuss the plans, according to several people involved in the talks. The triage document, still under consideration, will assess factors such as age, health and likelihood of survival in determining who will get access to full care and who will merely be provided comfort care, with the expectation that they will die.

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