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Aug 2013

Closed POD Successes in First Half of 2013 for Bio-Defense Network

2013 has been a very positive year for Bio-Defense Network, as well as for Closed POD Networks in Dallas County and City of Independence, MO.

The Dallas County project began in February 2013.  Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) hired Bio-Defense Network to increase its Closed POD Network by 100,000 residents, or enrollees.  Kickoff meetings were held on February 5 and 6, where the Strategic National Stockpile program and Closed POD concepts were discussed in detail.  Representatives from approximately 20 local organizations attended the primary kickoff meeting.  Over the next few months, Bio-Defense Network followed up with these potential Closed POD sites and others.  The result was that by June 2013, Bio-Defense Network had delivered MOUs covering more than 225,000 enrollees.  This was more than double the contracted goal for Dallas County HHS.

Bio-Defense Network’s goal for the City of Independence was 20,000 closed POD enrollees out of 120,000 residents.  The project started in March 2013.  A kickoff meeting was held with seven organizations in early March, and Bio-Defense Network followed up with these organizations and others over the next several months.  Follow up was initiated through e-mails, phone calls and some personal visits to the organizations.  By July 2013, Bio-Defense Network again surpassed its goal by delivering MOUs that represented 36,000 enrollees.  An additional 20,000 enrollees are likely to join the program as more Closed POD hosts approve their involvement in the coming months.  When the dust settles, Independence’s Closed POD Network will be two and a half times larger than its contracted goal.

Bio-Defense Network doubled its goals in both Dallas and Independence during the past five months.  Both Dallas County and the City of Independence have rehired the company for the coming fiscal year.  Dallas County has challenged the company to recruit 1,000 volunteers who will support the county’s disaster response effort, and to add another 100,000 residents covered by Closed PODs.  The City of Independence joined with Jackson County, MO to have the company assist in the creation of a Closed POD Workbook to be distributed to all their POD partners.

The first half of 2013 was a very positive one for the company, and we expect the second half to be busy as well.  If you would like to learn how Bio-Defense Network could help your community be better prepared for a bio-terrorism or pandemic event, please contact us at 855.BDN.1970.  If you haven’t spent time at our new and improved website, we encourage you to do so.

And remember, we offer free, no-obligation, telephone consultations to any community interested in learning how we can help them.  Just let us know, and we’ll set up the call!

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