“Over 1 Million Served” - Bio-Defense Network
Oct 2014

“Over 1 Million Served”

Starting in 1955, Fast food entrepreneur Ray Kroc used to boast that his McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois was a leader in hamburgers, with “Over 1 Million Served.”  Bio-Defense Network canmcdonalds
now make a similar claim, having worked with local public health departments in four states to expand their networks of Closed PODs to cover more than one million new enrollees!

We’re proud to have reached and surpassed that milestone, and expect to keep growing.

Departments in Missouri, Texas, California and New York have engaged us over the past three and a half years, and we have always exceeded our goals.  And 2015 should be no exception; we expect to begin work within the next months in a major Texas community, a major Pacific Northwest region and a New England suburban community.

And by this time next year, we expect to be able to report “Over 2 Million Served!”

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