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Dec 2018

Questions Still Remain on Cause of “Spanish Flu” a Century Ago; Here’s New Evidence

This organization was founded as a direct result of its principals’ interest in pandemic, and the potential for global upheaval as a result of it.

We remain fascinated by it, and wanted to share a story just published on STAT last week: It deals with “century-old pathology samples, passed down through generations, which may rewrite the history of the 1918 Spanish flu — altering our understanding of when it began and how it spread.”

Here’s the story

Even a century after what came to be known as the “Spanish Flu” killed millions, there remain questions about its origin, and continued fears surrounding its potential repeat.  If we do have a repeat, all means of dispensing medications will be needed, which is one reason we are so fond of organizations hosting Closed Points of Dispensing.


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