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Apr 2015

The Ben and Jerry of Closed PODs

A client recently referred to Bio-Defense Network founders Harlan Dolgin and David Reddick as “The Ben and Jerry of Closed PODs.”

We took it as a compliment, thanked them and laughed. The more we thought about it, the more we liked it.

After all, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded the Vermont ice creamery in 1978 with a three-part mission in mind; Product, Economic and Social.  They make fantastic ice cream, manage the company for sustainable financial growth and rely on innovation to make the world a better place.

We don’t make ice cream, but we do help our clients build Closed POD networks from coast to coast.  We price our services fairly, and deliver good value for excellent service, and by helping communities expand their Closed POD networks, we believe we are making the world a better place.

And we surround ourselves with talented, passionate people who share our beliefs in the value of public health.

We don’t give away ice cream cones once a year like Ben and Jerry’s, but we do offer free advice on expanding Closed PODs.  Call Karen Watts at (314) 922-6244 to schedule a conference call.

Free.  No obligation.  Would you like at cherry with that?

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