The Security of Connected Medical Devices - Bio-Defense Network
May 2019

The Security of Connected Medical Devices

Adam C. Uzialko of Business News Daily makes four major points healthcare providers need to think about to protect their crucial data:
  • The healthcare industry is very vulnerable to cyberattack.
  • The most common types of threats are ransomware, malware, data breaches, DDoS and cryptojacking.
  • Patient care and safety, data loss and damage to a healthcare providers reputation are among the consequences of networks being attacked.
  • To stop cyberattacks on medical devices you need to monitor and segment devices, keep software updated and implement a response plan to an attack.
And, he reports, the average hospital room contains 15-20 connected medical devices. If you work at a hospital or other healthcare provider, are you doing everything possible to protect your patients’ information?

Thank you for sharing this amazing content. Healthcare Cyber Security Market incorporates the adoption of cybersecurity solutions and services by healthcare organizations to protect their patient and hospital information from data breaches and cyber-attacks. The service segment includes end-user spending on consulting, designing & integration, risk assessment, and training.

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